silene saxifraga

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silene saxifraga

The herb of the stones is a very small grass that measures no more than an inch and a half in height. However, their height varies depending on the land that is, climate and a number of other factors that influence their growth. It's a very grass ramosa, with branches that grow annually, knotted and dark. The stems arising from these twigs are long, thin and green. The leaves are very numerous and are born in opposing the knuckles; are pointed and have some tabs on the edges very difficult to observe due to their small size. This plant grows in the mountainous areas of the northern half of Spain, mainly in the Pyrenees. It is very difficult not to see it in rocky areas.


The flowering herb of the stones starts in May and covers all spring and summer. The flowers are held by the bars and on the stems new born. The chalice is narrow at the bottom and quite wide at the top, has five petals are divided into two lobes shaped like a star. Each petal appendages in turn form the tail. The fruit is supported by a carrier as big as him, is oval - shaped and can reach the 8 mm. in size. The entire plant is harvested, usually when young, but it does not matter when it is already doing adult.

Used Part.

The entire plant.

Active Principles.

No data.

Drug Action.

It is considered diuretic.


Popularly used against urolithiasis, in an example application phytotherapics based on the theory of symbols: to grow almost exclusively in the crevices of limestone rocks, fostered the belief that made "break" urinary calculi.


Infusion. In a liter of water boil one ounce of the plant. If the grass is young, takes on a green. It is recommended sweetened with sugar and have a cup of this infusion fasting, but you can drink at any time.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Infusion: 30 g / l, 1 - 2 liters per day.


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