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Family: Solanaceae.

Description: annual herbaceous plant, root axonomorfa - white. The stem is herbaceous v branched. The leaves are alternate, ovadas or diamond, finishing with the tip, green, slightly pubescent, fragile. The flowers are white, pentalobuladas, arranged on apical curds. The berries are green and black to reach maturity, juicy, with numerous small kidney - shaped seeds. You can reach the meter in height. He prefers places vacant, debris and any soil with abundant salts, of the coast to the mountain. Is collected in autumn.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Active Principles: Solanina, asparagine routine, tannin, linoleic acid and palmitic, solangustina.

Pharmacological Action: Sedative, narcotic, emollient.

How to use: juice, tincture, extract fluid and soft, oleolito.

Interest: This plant has been used since ancient times for its sedative and paralyzing the nerve innervaciones. It is not advisable to use because of its toxicity. It can be used externally on the periarthritis. The berry juice, evaporated, it acts as an analgesic in the odontalgias. This species is used often to prepare ointments with local analgesic action.

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