actaea spicata

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actaea spicata
Actaea spicata)


The St Kitts is a plant alive. Is quite large and easily reach the subway in height. Its stock is thick and dark; part of it stems, which leaves very few but very large. These are divided into three segments, which in turn are subdivided into a set of unequal segments. The edges are sawn and therefore by law as a reserve by the lack of hair.


Its use is not recommended as a home remedy because it can be very toxic, if not in the hands of an expert, can become a deadly poison.

Insecticide. Formerly was mixed with lard and was used to kill insects, and it sometimes applied externally - provided - for curing scabies. It was also used as feed for livestock.


The flowers are at the end of the stem. They tend to be born in groups and it is very rare to find them isolated, are quite small and white, its fruit is elliptical and contains many seeds. Color is quite dark, almost black and very bright. The flowering season begins in May, which sometimes lasts until June or even July, depending on the area you are. The only part that is collected is the rhizome.

Common uses:

Toxic Insecticide cardiotonic.

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