lamium purpureum

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lamium purpureum
Family: Labiadas.

Description: Grass upright and branched, pubescent, with thin root and abundant radículas. Stem herbaceous section quadrangular. The leaves are ovadas, toothed, opposite petiolated, green and dark tone, sometimes with red marl. The purple flowers are densely clustered in terminal spikes. The chalice is penta - toothed, while the Corolla is bilabiada. The achenes are truncated at the apex and are angular. This plant is distributed to middle mountains across Europe. Collected throughout the year. It measures the average of 25 to 30 cm.

Used parts: limbs flowery.

Chemical compounds: saponin, toxialbúmina, tannin, mucilages, essentially, potassium nitrate.

Properties: Astringent, purifying, diuretic, ophthalmic.

Preparation: Infusion, eye drops, syrup, dye, dust.

Interesting information: The plant once enjoyed an excellent reputation as a natural remedy in the eye bleeding, in the form of eye drops. Has also been used in salads and salad as a rustic stew. It should not abuse their cooking because of the presence of saponins.

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