lentopodium alpinum

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lentopodium alpinum
Family: Composed.

Description: Grass provided with oblique rhizome with numerous radículas. The stem is erect, tomentose like the whole plant. The leaves are lanceolate, oblong. The basal rosette and is available in the caulinares, scattered, ash - colored, tomentosa. The flowers form a terminal flower heads with leaves afieltradas, patents, arranged in star. The flowers are peripheral and the central female, male. The result is a cylindrical achene, truncated, with hairs. You can reach 25 - 30 cm. tall. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Chemical compounds: Tannin, gum, salt, bitter substance.

Properties: Astringent, béquico.

How to use: Powders, tincture, infusion.

Note: Species well - known, authentic symbol of the mountain is very sought to keep it dry. Hence the need for its protection. It is also grown, albeit with low yields. It is typical of alpine areas.

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