chrysanthemum leucanthemum

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chrysanthemum leucanthemum
Family: Composed.

Description: Plant annual or perennial, 30 to 60 cm. tall, glabra, sometimes tomentosa, slightly branched, with the stem is marked by a series of striations of red, longitudinal. The basal leaves are petiolated, so spatulate, while the apical are narrow and amplexicaules. The flowers are formed by crowned heads of the bracts close involvement, which have the edge in a dark purple hue. Corolla presents ray florets, with ligule toothed at the tip. The fruits are elongated, dark, with a white band, while those from the flowers of the crown are equipped with a kind of Vilan. Flowers from April to October and grows everywhere, both in the plains and the mountains low. Is collected at the time of flowering.

Used parts: The flowers.

Chemical compounds: Essence, tannin, rubber, resin.

Antispasmodic properties, báquica, emenagogo, vulnerable.

Instructions for use powders, infusion, tincture, poultice.

Note: Externally vulnerarla has an action on healing the wounds that are difficult. Distilled water is used as an effective eye drops conjunctivitis. The tender spring shoots can be eaten as a salad with other herbs. It was also cultivated with ornamental purposes.

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