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Inflammation of the mucous layer of the eye.

Affects more children and can be infectious or non - infectious.


The allergic conjunctivitis are curable by avoiding exposure to the allergen.

The other can heal in 1 - 2 weeks.


Viral infection.

May accompany infectious diseases of childhood, such as measles or the common cold.

Bacterial infection.

Irritation by dust, wind, smoke, pollution and even domestic chemical or radiation, such as welding.

Allergies caused by pollen, cosmetics or other allergens.

Underlying diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis or ulcerative colitis.

Signs and symptoms.

The most characteristic symptoms are:

It can affect one or both eyes.

Conjunctival redness.

Itching or burning sensation.


Yellow or green mucus with bacterial infection, most seeming to get out of bed.

Sensitivity to light (photophobia)

Risk Factors.

Newborns of mothers of gonorrhea (very serious, can cause the loss of the eye, thereby instilling a few drops of antibiotic in the eyes of newborns)

Overcrowding and poor hygiene conditions.

School and public places like markets.

Intense environmental pollution, with atmospheric phenomena of "cold drop, " which produced the so - called smog or acid fog, very irritating.


Frequent washing of the eyes with soap and hot water.

Avoiding exposure to irritants.

Employ appropriate protective goggles during the electric welding.

To avoid irritation caused by dust or foreign bodies (see foreign body in the eye) the use of goggles for the work giving off sparks, chips or dust.

Wear sunglasses to drive motorcycles or car.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


Diagnosis by symptoms.

In some cases, to distinguish the cause, should be investigated within the conjunctiva of the eyelids, a technique that is recommended to conduct a doctor.


Treatment varies depending on the cause.

If there is no secrección purulent, the eyes can be cleaned with cotton soaked in an infusion of chamomile, three or four times a day, but must go to the doctor within 48 hours if it has not been solved.


Drops prescribed by a doctor; antiallergic, antinfección, antibiotics and so on.

A safe and effective method to put drops in the eye of a child is:

With the child lying with your eyes closed, gently put the number of drops prescribed in the corner of the eye near the interior wall of the nose, forming a small pool in that area.

When the child opens his eyes, the drops will come easily in the eye.


If not treated properly, can affect the cornea permanently blocking the view.

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