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Measles is disease infectious and very contagious caused by virus that is transmitted of person to person, by means of the gotitas of saliva that somebody infected expels when speaking, toser or to sneeze, mainly during first stage of the disease, when the eruption begins.

This disease in trascurso of history has caused great epidemics and thousands of deaths, but at the present time thanks to the vaccine that is applied during the childhood, its incidence has diminished much.

The phase of incubation is variable and can appear between the 7 and 14 days after the contact with the ill person. One appears in several stages of one to two days between each one. First it is pronounced by means of symptoms similar to those of the influenza: fever, decay, nasal draining, eyes irritated and tearful with conjuntivitis, spots in the buccal mucosa and dry and persistent cough and sometimes diarrea appears.

In this first stage the disease is very contagious. Later they appear tiny well - known white points as spots of Koplik inside the mouth and after one or two days later bring forth the eruption, that begins behind and underneath the ears.

One or two days later the eruption extends until covering all the head and the body. In this stage the eruption begins with tiny spots of pale color red that little by little increase of tone and size and that they are possible to be grouped in great spots.

Of three to five days of initiate the eruption, all the symptoms begin to disappear, but as the immunological system is debilitated much, severe complications can be originated.

Generally comezón is slight in comparison with the one of other eruptivas diseases. The measles commonly is slight, but if it does not control suitably, it can have many serious complications like pulmonía, infections of ears and encefalitis among others, reason why it is very important that he is the doctor the one that determines if it is or nonmeasles and administers the suitable treatment.

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