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This disease is confused generally with simple a resfriado one or some problem of the superior respiratory routes, that is the nose, mouth, throat or larynx, reason why do not occur to the suitable treatment and importance him.

She is perhaps one of the most frequent diseases, since in general the children can suffer it several times during the year, being much more frequent during the time of cold and are rare the adults that escape at least once of them to the year, mainly in people smokers.

It is caused by the virus of influenza and is a delicate disease, that it requires of many cares, since if is not controlled well not only can produce pulmonía, if not other types of the disease that are mortal and that have caused great epidemics anywhere in the world.

It is transmitted by means of gotitas of saliva that an ill person expels when speaking, toser or to sneeze and when penetrating to the organism of a healthy person, the virus is multiplied concentrating itself in nasal secretions, which happens around the 2 or 3 days of the infection.

At the moment three types of virus of the influenza have been identified: To, B, and C, being the most frequent and cause of great epidemics, the caused one by the type To, although new stocks of virus arise each certain number of years which makes the handling through medicines difficult.

It is very important always to identify if one really is an influenza, since there are several diseases that appear such with symptoms like: resfriados strong, estreptocócica faringitis, scarlet fever, meningitis, slight encefalitis or a sinusal infection.

When there is grayish or greenish accompanied high fever of cough with flemas and presence of blood, the problem can be of bronchitis or pulmonía.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge by the use of the information.

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