muscari comosum

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muscari comosum
Liliaceae family.

Description: Plant with an onion - like bulb, a part of that stems delicate, very fragile, cylindrical. The leaves are available only in basal position and are born from the bulb. They are fleshy, long, linear, with the apex acute. The cluster contains apical flowers sterile and fertile flowers: these are sustained by a small stalk that protrudes from lanceolate bracts. Corolla cylindrical purple. The fruit is a capsule with seeds nearly spherical. Fairly common in the boundaries of the forest and along the trails. The stem can reach 35 cm. Is harvested in spring.

Used parts: the bulb.

Chemical compounds: mucilage, tannin, salts, rubber, sugar.

Directions: diuretic, emollient.

How to use: Decoction, poultice.

Details of interest: The bulbs are edible after boiling, so as to eliminate the bitter substance. Once dried for use in applications for the red skins. It has the same properties as onions, especially diuretic. The bulb can be preserved in vinegar, and loses much of the bitter substances it contains.

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