Water lily


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Water lily
Other Names:

Basil Moruno, Escutcheon Rio Blanco Golf, Water Lily, Ninfa White Rose of Love.

The water lily white and yellow water lily (Nuphar lutea) belong to different genera botanists, even though their properties are very similar. Is easily distinguished by the color of its flowers.

Habitat: ponds, lakes and waterways very slow forest regions.

Description: perennial plant species, the family of Ninfeáceas, which is characterized by its leaves floating, heart - shaped, up to 30 cms. in diameter.

Used parts: the flowers and rhizomes.

Related species: Nuphar lutea (L. Sibth - Sm.

Properties and indications: the flowers and rhizomes of water lilies contain alkaloids and tannins (ninfalina and nufarina) The ownership of these plants has been most prominent is the anafrodisíaca, ie to curb sexual appetite, suggested by the coolness and tranquility of the places where they farmed. For that reason was used extensively in cloisters, convents and workshops, although we do not know whether the desired result because it says Font Quer, can also produce the opposite effect: excitement.

Today, as a medicinal plant, the water lily is used very little.

Usage: infusion of 30 grams of crushed flowers or rhizomes, per liter of water, which takes 3 cups daily.

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