umbilicus pendulinus

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umbilicus pendulinus
Family: Crasuláceas.

Description: Plant fat with a short rhizomes and tuberous stem slightly. The leaves are fleshy, hanging Pelt, crenate. The flowers are arranged in clusters with the cylindrical corolla divided into fine teeth of about one quarter of its total length, reddish - white or green. The fruit is formed by five follicles free. It is common in the walls, along with olive, cliffs, rooftops, and so on. The stem can measure up to 40 cm. tall. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: The leaves.

Active Principles: trimethylamine, waxes, chlorophyll, fotosterina.

Directions: lenitive, diuretic.

Use: juice, pulp, infusion.

Details: The leaves crushed causing the rapid maturation of the scars and boils. They are used in the form of ointment in painful hemorrhoids. From the leaves gives a yellow coloring substance. It is grown as an ornamental plant for the rustic rock gardens, because of its easy adaptability. The juice has been used against otitis purulent accumulations, applying it directly to the auditory canal.

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