judíaphaseolus vulgaris

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judíaphaseolus vulgaris
Other Names:

Ayocota, bean, Chaucha, Chinameca, Cholo, Degul, Green Beans, Bean, Bean, Major, Patachete, Poncha, Poroto, Tapiramo, Tapirucuso, Tineco.

Habitat: originally from Mexico and Central America, and extended by all countries in the world.

Description: annual plant of the family of legumes, stem climber who reaches up to 3 meters high in some varieties, and stem trailing in others. The fruits are a few green or yellow pods that contain several seeds so arriñonada.

Used parts: the sheaths that surround the seeds.

Collection: At the time of harvesting and threshing grain.

Properties: diuretic and activator of the metabolism of sugar (glucose)

Directions: Excess uric acid (gout, grit, calculations 1os kidneys, some rheumatism, sciatica, eczema, etc.

1íquido retention in the body (dropsy, edema, etc. Urine and low acute articular rheumatism. According to modern investigations have shown it is useful in the treatment antidiabetic.

Use: It's on a liter of water six tablespoons of dried pods and let boil until reduced to about half a liter; takes during the day, divided into three times. Are preferable in the bean pods embodied.

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