Retama ODOR

spartium junceum

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Retama ODOR
spartium junceum
Family: Papilionáceas.

Description: From the Greek, sparton, league, obtained by the textile fibers. Following axonomorfa bush and numerous radículas, with stems erect, branched. The branches are cylindrical, striated, flexible, with marrow. The leaves are alternate, linear, oval, outdated. The flowers are gathered together in bunches with the cup pentadentado. Keel formed by two separate petals. The fruit is a legume flat, blackish, which contains seed obscure ovoidales. Frequent on the coast, on the slopes, and more generally on calcareous soil, both spontaneous and cultivated. You can get to measure more than 3 m. Is harvested in summer.

The parts used flowery limbs.

Active Principles: cytisine, dyes, essentially, tannin.

Directions: diuretic, purgative.

Use: Infusion, enolito, tincture.

Note should not exceed the dose, since this cytisine acts as toxic. The diuretic action is assured and powerful. The plant is used industrially to obtain fibers suitable for the manufacture of rope or fabric. With the smaller branches are made baskets. The flowers allow the extraction of a substance yellow dye. It has been assumed that cytisine presents a slightly antidote against the poison of the snake, but this has not been studied in detail yet. With the tops are made brooms for sale.

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