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Other Names:

Encinilla, Germandrina, Herb Tercianera, Pata de Gallo, Sanguinaria.

Plant that grows on rocks and in crevices of the old walls, adorning them with his soft purple. It owes its name to Teucr, prince of Troy. Formerly he was unreasonably attributed many virtues, such as to cure gout. Doctors of Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany is the Germander prescribed to cure his gout, but failed in the attempt. Following this incident, the inmerecido prestige of this plant, as a remedy for almost all ills, declined to today.

Habitat: limestone and rocky terrain of Europe. Has been exported to the Americas, although little is known.

Description: plant of the family of Labiadas, 10 to 30 cm in height. The stem and the underside of the leaves are covered with hair. The flowers are purple, and grow along the stem.

Used parts: flowers and leaves.

Properties and indications: contains an essential oil, tannin and bitter principles. Like all bitter, has an invigorating effect on digestion, and it's colagogo (favors the hollowing of the gallbladder) It is used as an aperitif and as invigorating the stomach. It also helps to eliminate flatulence (excess gases in the digestive duct)

Use: 15 to 20 grams of flowers and leaves per liter of water to prepare an infusion. Drink a cup before meals. The effect is greater if not be sweetened.

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