sempervirum arachnoideum

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sempervirum arachnoideum
Family: Crasuláceas.

Description: Plant fat with upright stems that can measure more than 10 cm. Presents obovada sheets, with the apex subacute, glandular, covered with white hairs entrecruzados like a spider web. The flowers are meeting in curds. Lanceolate has twelve petals of violet purple. Plant common in rocky places on the rock. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: The leaves.

Chemical compounds: mucilage, tannin, malates, formic acid.

Properties: Emollient, Coric, a sedative, hemostatic, ophthalmic.

Instructions for use juice, tincture, maceration, liparolito.

Of interest: The plant crushed and applied to boils makes them mature. The juice closes sucked the equistasis and some loss of blood from light wounds. Mastication of the leaves has analgesic action in the odontalgias. The same juice, warmed slightly, produces curative effects in otitis. The leaves macerated in vinegar, applied to corns and warts, determine its healing. The pulp is used in cooling masks on red fur and solar erythema.

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