melittis melissophyllum

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melittis melissophyllum
Other Names:

Melisa Wild.

Unlike the melissa, the Melissa wild does not offer a very pleasant aroma. Is characterized by its f1ores born almost always in pairs, are large and striking, and usually are pink. They also differ in composition and properties.

Habitat: forests of beech and oak trees or barren terrain of central and southern Europe. In Spain alone is in the northern half peninsula.

Description: Stem erect perennial plant of the family of Labiadas, which reaches up to 50 cm. tall. The leaves have jagged edges and nerves very marked. Its flowers are pink or white.

Used parts: whole plant except the root.

Properties and indications: the entire plant contains coumarin which gives it a diuretic properties and depurativas, slightly sedative, emenagogas, and applied externally, vulnerary (heal the wounds and bruises heal)

In the Central European countries is used mainly as a wild Melissa depurative in the spring cures. It also facilitates menstruation and calm the pains that accompany them in case of dysmenorrhea, although not as effective as the balm.

As vulnerary is used in external application to heal wounds, which helps to heal, and to relieve pain and inflammation caused by bruises and sprains (twists)

Use: infuse with 20 - 30 grams per liter of water, which takes 3 cups daily. It can be sweetened with honey. Externally, washed with an infusion of more concentrated than prepared for internal use (up to 60 grams per liter) Also in towels soaked in the infusion market (up to 60 grams per liter) apply on the affected area.

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