trifolium arvense

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trifolium arvense
Family: Legumes.

Description: Grass root axonomorfa, upright and branched stems, up to 40 cm. tall. The leaves have a short petiole, and are composed of leaflets linear, and denticulados. The flowers are ellipsoidal heads with white flowers, red or purple. Goblet presents lesiniformes teeth. Common in cultivated fields and uncultivated places, sea and mountain. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: The flowers.

Active Principles: Tannin, resin, salts, essentially glycerides dye.

Directions: antidiarrheal vulnerary, antileucorreico.

Use: Infusion, lavender.

Interest: Plant highly sought by livestock, which avidly consume. The mouth rinses to help strengthen the weak and bloody gums and curb the pyorrhea something. Externally, crushed, can be used as a hemostatic not on the recent deep wounds. Still in operation, are prepared cataplasms wet on varicose ulcers, which tend to quit if this cure is practiced on a consistent basis.

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