Pernicious anemia

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Pernicious anemia
The problem originates when the stomach does not produce sufficient necessary secretions of intrinsic factor for the absorption of the B - 12 vitamin, which inflicts a loss of this vitamin in the body.

Other causes are the leukemia, the hereditary mielofibrosis, mieloma multiple, some upheavals, some medicines like the used ones in chemotherapy, the alcoholism, and others.

The B - 12 vitamin is necessary so that the nervous and sanguineous cells work suitably. When letting make it his lack it causes diverse symptoms like:

Fatigue and fatigue.

Difficulty to breathe.

Sensation of creeps in different parts from the body.

Difficulty to walk, mainly in the dark.

Diarreas frequent.

excessive Pallor.

apetido Loss of.

Creeps and entumecimiento of hands and feet.

Increase of the heart rate.

buccal Problems like ulcers or bled of encías.

Alteration of the sense of the sense of smell.

Loss of reflections.

Changes in the known personalidas ones like "megaloblástica madness".

The diagnosis requires of sanguineous analyses and on bony marrow Its treatment depends on its origin, but mainly it is with injected B - 12 vitamin until the problem is controlled and the form to prevent is consuming it foods that contain B - 12 vitamin and fólico acid.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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