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This disease of sexual transmission, also is known as "disease Ducrey" and is caused by a well - known bacterium like Haemophylus ducreyi.

One appears frequently in tropical and subtropical countries and affects mainly to people with deficient conditions of hygiene.

It mainly affects the men since the women are only carrying of the bacterium. This has detected much in sexual workers.

It is considered that this disease favors the entrance of the VIH, since the AIDS and the soft Chancro is common that they appear together.

The incubation occurs between two to five days and the injury appears by site in that it penetrated the bacterium, that is generally in the skin that covers the penis. The injury that is as a blister, full of pus in few hours and ulcera. Its aspect is round and of reddish color and hurts much, because the skin that surrounds the injury inflames, becomes congested and it is put warms up.

He is frequent that the grains appear in other parts of the body, because the person usually touches to the grain infected and when touching other parts of her body, the bacterium of spreads.

Between the most common complications of this disease it is the inflammation of the ganglia of ingle that get to supurar through the skin.

The treatment is with antibiotics and it is due to administer until the grains have disappeared totally.

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