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Diverticulum COLON
Colonic diverticula.

Diverticula are bags to the outside that form in the large intestine.

We suffered between 20 and 50% of Western populations greater than fifty years.

Its importance lies in the clinical similarity with colon cancer, which must always be ruled out in the presence of clinical attributable to the diverticula.

When you are infected is a diverticulitis.


This is more common in males than females.


The large intestine is not all covered with muscle, such as thin.

The musculature is reduced to three strips along its circumference.

When the pressure inside the large intestine for a long time, usually in the context of a long - term constipation, the internal coating of the colon using vein protruding nutritional.

Epidemiologically has been attributed to the lack of fiber in the Western diet (that is virtually unknown in the populations of underdeveloped countries)

Sometimes they are remnants of food inside one of them, causing infection of the same, which is called diverticulitis.

Signs and symptoms.

The isolated diverticulosis produces no symptoms; at most vague feeling of discomfort in the sides of the abdomen.

Listed in the framework of a lasting constipation.

When a diverticulitis, appears:

relatively fixed in the affected area, spontaneous and palpation,

oramiento constipation, and pain that worsens with defecation,

ícula and affection of the general state.

In one of every four patients there is rectal bleeding, but it usually microscopic.

Risk Factors.

Possibly diet low in waste.


Possibly taking diets rich in waste is useful.

Diagnosis and Treatment.


The diagnosis of diverticulitis is often casual, the conduct a study with colon contrast (opaque enema) for other reasons.

The diverticulitis is daignostican by the clinic or its complications.

Once detected a diverticulosis, is always ruled out the presence of a concomitant colon cancer, which will be used primarily for fiber - optic endoscope (the introduction of a tube to view and take samples from the interior of the large intestine in its entirety)


The diverticulosis, in itself does not require special treatment.

The treatment of diverticulitis depends on its severity. Once diagnosed, may be treated at home or require hospital admission.

Sometimes it will require the surgical treatment of diverticulitis.

General measures.

Increase the amount of waste in the diet.

Avoid constipation.


The diverticulosis requires no special medication.

Diverticulitis require treatment with antibiotics and anti - inflammatory.


Drink plenty of fluids.

Diets rich in waste.

With this disease are advised to follow the following diets:

Diet high in fiber (laxative)

Diet with plenty of waste.


The most serious complication of diverticulitis that is masked with colorectal cancer.

Diverticulitis can be punctured, leaving the abdominal cavity causing infection and peritonitis, always serious.

This drill may also be made to another hollow viscera, causing internal fistulas (if it is to bladder, feces leave with the urine, if it is towards the small intestine, there will be a "blind loop syndrome", with infectious and nutritional repercussions.


The prognosis is good for diverticulosis.

Does not always end up in diverticulitis.

His disappearance is doubtful.

Diverticulitis presents a more serious prognosis, because its complications can be fatal, but discovered in a timely and proper treatment (which may be surgical) tend to heal.

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