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Acute Peritonitis.

Infection or severe inflammation of part or all the peritoneo, the covering of tracto intestinal.

Abdomen, including the internal and the peritoneo (fine membrane that covers all the organs and walls of the abdomen)

Both sexes, all the ages.

To call to the doctor if.

It happens the following thing during the treatment: constipation.

Symptoms of some new infection, with fever, chills, muscular pain, I am annoying, headache and abdominal pain in increase.

New and inexplicable symptoms arise. The medication used in the treatment can produce indirect effect.


The precocious diagnosis and treatment of the underlying affections like appendicitis, ulcer or ectópico pregnancy.

If it appears to him abdominal pain, it does not lose the time with homemade remedies - specially the laxatives, that can cause the rupture of the inflamed abdominal organs.



Envenenamiento of the blood (septicemia)

Intestinal obstruction caused by adhesions (cicatrizal weave strips)

Diagnosis and treatment.

Sanitary precautions.

Medical treatment. Hospitalization.

Surgery to repair to the damage or injury of the organ that caused the invasion of strange materials to the abdomen.

Car taken care of after the treatment.

I diagnose.

Its own observation of the symptoms.

Medical file and physical examination by a doctor.

Analysis of white globules to detect inflammations, count of hematíes to detect hemorrhages and verification of the level of liquids and electrolytes.

Procedures of surgical diagnosis, like introduction of a small needle in the abdomen to extract liquid, blood or other materials.

X - rayses of the abdomen.

Probable consequences.

Usually one cures with precocious diagnosis and treatment.

The delays and complications can be fatal.


His doctor can prescribe to him:

Antibiotics to eliminate the infection.

Tranquilizers (sometimes) after the diagnosis or the operation.


After the treatment, it keeps bed until the symptoms disappear. It can read or watch the television.

From to be necessary the surgery, it returns later gradually to its normal activities.


Comma nor does not drink anything so that tracto intestinal rests until it sends the infection. It will receive food and liquids by intravenous route.

Factors of risk.

Delay in the treatment of the explained causes above.

Recent abdominal surgery.


Look for medical treatment for underlying affections quickly.


Accentuated inflammation of the mucosa of the peritoneo, that happens when material strangers invade the abdominal cavity.

These materials include gastrointestinales bacteria or contents, like digestive juice, blood, food to means to digest or lees.

They invade the abdomen by:

Perforation of any organ of the abdomen, like an inflamed appendix, infected divertículos peptic ulcers or, or the vesicle.

Damages to the abdominal wall, seemed to the caused one by hurt of knife or bullet.

Inflammatory pelvic disease.

Rupture of a ectópico pregnancy.

Signs and symptoms.

Pain partly or the totality the abdomen.

Usually it begins suddenly of and becoming serious itself.

It can begin with espasmos and become stabilized.

The patient will want to remain knocked down mouth above, because the movements or the pressure in the abdomen increase the pain.

Pain in shoulders (sometimes)

Chills and fever, often high.

Mareos and weakness.


Arterial tension loss.

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