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The appendix is a small organ that forms a species of bag in form of "gusanito", that is located straight in the inferior side of the abdomen.

It more or less has about 0, 5 cm. of diameter and can measure between 2 and 15 cm. are united by their base to the colon or heavy intestine and have the facility to move much, which explains the different locations from the pain when it is gotten to inflame.

The appendix does not have a specific function and in general it does not cause any problem unless it becomes inflamed, grows or it fills of pus, suffering that knows like appendicitis or inflammation the appendix.

Although the appendicitis can appear to any age, is commonest between the 10 and 30 years and affects the same to both sexes, being specially serious when it is gotten to present / display in very small children and in old.

This disease that arises from spontaneous form and without no apparent antecedent, usually is the main cause of surgery during the childhood.

In some cases, which has been verified that the inflammation comes by an accumulation of fecal matter in this appendix, the infected one and causes the picture of characteristic pain that takes to the patient to a consultation and surgery of emergency.

If the appendicitis does not operate on time, can develop gangrene, its perforation of the appendix and finally, a peritonitis that is the inflammation of the walls of the abdominal cavity and that in many cases can get to be mortal.

Before an appendicitis suspicion, drugs of any class are not due to administer, since it is possible to be concealed the pain and the symptoms, preventing to the doctor to evaluate the clinical condition correctly.

One is not due to give to eat or either to drink the patient to avoid the vomit or the intestinal tension.

Use of bags of water hot, not have no effect, since there is an acute inflammatory process that can be gotten worse, however can be placed while it is arrived at the hospital, a stock market of ice, but without pressing. He is advisable not to make walk to the patient and give the medical aid as rapidly as possible him.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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