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Orzuelo is an infection that is developed in the glands of the eyelids or the pilosos follicles of the eyelashes and causes a swelling that is very annoying and painful.

They are generally caused by bacteria, being main estafilococo aureus.

Depending on the place that affects, the orzuelos can be internal when they affect the external glands of Meibomio or, when they affect to the glands of Zeis or Moll.

The annoyance of orzuelo external, begins by much sensitivity, swelling, pain and reddening of the affected eyelid. In the affected place a small very painful swelling can be felt, that makes think about the presence of a strange body in the eye.

The symptoms with constant lagrimeo are accompanied and a fort rejection towards the light. With the advance of orzuelo, it appears pus in the interior that usually is eliminated spontaneously alleviating the annoyances.

When orzuelo is internal, the symptoms and annoyances are stronger and it does not eliminate the pus of spontaneous form generally.

It is very common that in spite of the treatment, the infectious process that develops the orzuelos it repeats several times in just a short time.

For its treatment and the diminution of the symptoms, recommends the application of hot humid cloth in the affected eye, several times to the day.

In general the ophtalmologists recommend the application of antibiotic drops, mainly to prevent a secondary conjuntivitis or I infect for the healthy eye.

He is not recommendable to tighten or to express the orzuelos, since a greater infection can be caused and the content can also be scattered to other regions affecting them. When it is not eliminated of spontaneous form and it bothers much, the doctor can make a small incision to release to the nodule of the pus and thus to alleviate the annoyances, but this has it to do with much well - taken care of since the eyes are very delicate.

It is very important that whenever is going away to touch the eyes, abundant water and soap are washed very or with and gauzes or clean towels of exclusive use for this problem are always cleaned with.

Also it is important not to use cosmetic like rímel or eyeliner, nor to share them with other people.

IMPORTANT the content of this note is informative and it does not replace the medical diagnosis, reason why we do not become people in charge on its use.

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