ris pseudoacorus

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ris pseudoacorus
Family: Iidáceas.

Description: Plant the rhizomes horizontally with large, highly branched, upright stems from departing and smooth, leaves ensiformes, upright. The flowers are yellow, with perianth variable. Lacinia oval, with the prisoners closer to the stamens. The capsule contains seeds brownish, trigone, finishing with the tip. Common water logged in places, along with water currents, on the plain. It reaches a height of more than one meter. Is harvested in spring.

Used parts: The rhizome.

Chemical compounds: Tannin, IRISINA, mucilages, resin.

Properties: emetic, astringent, rubefaciente.

How to use: Powders, infusion, tincture.

Note: Do not abused preparations steel false, and that can cause intense vomiting and diarrhea. The powder was used as rootstock estornutatorio in head colds. The roasted seeds have been used as coffee.

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