ACOR Gramineae

acorus gramineus

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ACOR Gramineae
acorus gramineus
Castilian: agreed grass.

English: grass leaved sweet flag.

Chinese: sichangpu.

Type: semi - evergreen plant.

Leaves: long and arranged in bundles of up to 50 cm. long.

Flowers: yellow - green, hermaphroditic.

Originally: Southeast Asia and is comfortable in rocky terrain near river flow. Its fruit is a berry elongated bright red.

Part medicinal use: The rhizomes.

Medicinal properties: Pectoral, stomach, Sedative, antirheumatic, can be administered in decoctions and dust, both internally and externally.

Therapeutic benefits.

Chronic gastritis (Chinese medicine) rheumatic pains, Dermatosis (external use) Hemorrhoids (external use) Insecticide (lice, fleas and other insects)

Active ingredients:

Essential oil, asarone, Asaril aldehyde, amrgo glucoside (acorina)

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