allium ursinum

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allium ursinum
Family: Liliaceae.

Description: perennial herb with white bulb carrying a floral escaped. The leaves start from the same bulb; are very petiolated, oval and dark green glossy. The flowers are meeting in umbel on the apical escaped, locked in the first instance by a Espata that opens in bloom, white and consisting of six tápalos. The fruit is a capsule trilocular, which contains the seeds angular. It grows in damp and shady places in Europe, preferably next to watercourses. The escape can reach 40 cm. tall. Is collected in May and June.

Used parts: the bulb.

Active Principles: Essence, hydrogen chloride, salts, volatile aldehydes.

Indications: debugger, rubefaciente, hypotensive, anthelmintic.

Use: tincture, syrup, decoction, juice, pulp poultice, essence.

Interest: From the medical point of view this species has properties comparable to those of common garlic. It is now widely used in the form of juice in slimming diets. The leaves are exploited as a condiment to flavor some salads. The essence is used as rubefaciente in rheumatic diseases and liquid disinfectant solution of the environment.

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