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Castilian: Garlic common Baracatza.

Italian aglio.

French: ail.

English: garlic.

Introduction: It is a plant to which they attribute special properties. The main use of Garlic is to combat intestinal parasites, where the bulb must be eaten raw or mixed with papaya seeds. In skin problems such as scabies, petty, grain and picketing of insects, the bulb is crushed and applied as a poultice. It is recommended in respiratory diseases such as cough, angina, asthma, irritated throat, hoarseness, bronchitis, back pain, headache and muscle ears. It also is used to accelerate the delivery against varicose veins, rheumatism, nervousness, insomnia, anemia, poor urine, tooth decay, fever, high blood pressure and heart ailments. However, the most widespread use is for the bad air and the evil eye.

Herbaceous with cloves garlic compounds by aggregate redundant to macerate a strong odor. Its leaves are oblong as ribbons and flowers are located in white head. It originated in Asia, Europe and the Mediterranean. It is largely grown and developed in warm climates, temperate and semi. Is adapted to the tropical deciduous and evergreen forest; Xeric scrublands, mountain forests of oak and mixed pine.

Originally from Asia, garlic was already known by the Egyptians, who considered him indispensable in the kitchen and aware of the unpleasant breath caused the guise that eating an apple below.

Who knows no garlic? Represent but culinario dressing are something more, since its medicinal properties make them a delicacy almost essential to preserve health.

FEATURES: Grass that grows from a bulb the size of an apricot (which is named in the kitchen head, divided into segments (known as teeth) In your head hanging roots, short stems and the stems, upright, About 40 cm. Tall, topped by a group of small flowers. The leaves, elongated, surround and protect the stem.

LOCATION: No spontaneously grows in forests or grasslands outside their natural environment, ie in Asia. However, it adapts to any terrain and, indeed, can be grown anywhere if the weather is not too cold.

ACTIVE: Must qualities to the presence of aliina, a compound completely odorless, but along with this substance, there are enzymes that turn into desulfuro isothiocyanate, which gives garlic its characteristic odor.

MEDICINAL PROPERTIES: Some say that for many years to live is to eat a clove of raw garlic every day to get up. The reality is that the virtues of garlic are very many: fighting infection, destroys blood - borne parasites and worms bowel cleans. On skin acts as an antiseptic.

HARVESTING: In early summer is not cut out the leaves, then intertwine 1 several head and form a braid (d mined string) used to keep them hanging to go cogiéndolos as they are needed.

USES AND APPLICATIONS: The boiled garlic loses its properties because the heat is destroyed aliina. Not the case when you fry, then passed through the skillet heats only the outside, but as raw garlic should be taken advantage of all its properties to eat a raw garlic can be unpleasant for some people, but there are solutions, such as alioli sauce, which consists of chopping garlic in a mortar to be adding olive oil very slowly while stirring with your hand in circles forever in the same direction. Finally it adds a pinch of salt. Anyway, it is more common to prepare it with garlic alioli adding an egg yolk must be obtained a very thick sauce.

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