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Castilian: Larch.

English: Pine larchclarch.

Native habitat: Central Europe, especially of large areas of forest in the Alps.

Part used: The bark Interior.

Common uses: Used for colds in the airways and throat, asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis. Diuretic, prevents Arenillas and calculations in the urinary tract.

External use: Vapors, bathrooms and friction, recommended for rheumatism and asthma. As a lever for friction is applied in sciatica, stiff neck, low back pain, swollen joints.

The active oil is composed of Volatile (alpha - pinene, delta3 - carene, beta - pinene, beta - pyrones) and resins that contain acids of oleoresin, laricinolic acid, alpha - and the acid beta - laricinolic.

Forms are available as preparations for the semi - liquid and oral use, and when ointments, gels, emulsions and oils for topical use. An active ingredient in the larch is the arabinogalactan, is sold as Ara - 6.

The usual dose Arabinogalactans: taking 400 mg a day with vitamin C.

Evidences for the anti - cancer activity in mouse studies, arabinogalactan intervened with metastatic liver tumor.

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