larix decidua

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larix decidua
Family: Grasses.

Description: Tree bark and upright trunk with fitted with a series of red spots. Nearly horizontal branches, turns slightly upward. With age, the leaves take on a pale green with two bands ready for its entire length. The walk takes the same male and female flowers, arranged respectively on small cones (strobile) and cones of light brown. The fruits are formed by overlapping scales, consisting of reddish. The seeds are oval, with a kind of flap on the edge, and is available in the armpit of each scale. It is a plant of its own mountain and grows in state until Spontaneous the 2, 000 m in height. Is collected in autumn.

Used parts: The resin.

Chemical compounds: Turpentine, essential oil, acid laricina, resin, bitter substance.

Properties: Balsamic, haemostatic.

How to use: Syrup, essentially liparolito.

Note: The resin is contraindicated for kidney patients. By distillation, gives essence of turpentine, which is an effective antidote to poisoning by phosphorous. The leaves contain vitamin C, and are thus suitable for the treatment of colds. The logs give off a sweet manna. Agar is a white guest's common larch.

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