alcaparra  capparis spinosa

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alcaparra  capparis spinosa
The capers is a arbustillo Zarzosa resulting offspring up to one meter in height or longer still, hanging, with the leaves a little thick and fairly rounded contours. The flowers are very beautiful and colorful, born at a time in the meeting of flowers with the stems and are sustained by a regular bars. The fruit is fleshy, eased into the base and a little wider at the top, is held at the top of a long corner that starts from the center of the flower itself. One grows up in the cliffs, dry hills and slopes, especially on land limestone, clay or yesosos. In the Iberian Peninsula can be found mainly in Andalusia and Gerona and is especially abundant in the Balearics.

The capers blooms from the month of May. Used for medicinal purposes is the root, bark and bud of the flower, which is derived from the famous capers. The collection of cocoons is done from the month of April, when the fruits are still tender, since May. The root is collected in winter, once the plant has completed its life cycle. The capers is not a medicinal plant in the strict sense, though it has some therapeutic - why it is included in this compendium. The bark and root are good for provoking the urine. As for the capers and alcaparrones, they are considered excellent condiments and snacks, once prepared, since no raw feel anything right into the stomach.

The preparation of the capers is simple: put in a container or alcaparrones capers and covered completely with a good quality vinegar, add a little salt; left macerated for a month, renewing the vinegar every week. After this time, and you can eat directly, but when it is most enjoy this dish is prepared with different sauces which gives a delicious flavor.

Formerly used much of the root bark for diseases of the liver and spleen, and is currently in Algeria is still used in cooking as an effective way of stimulating the urine.

Wine: With 50 g. Root of capers and 1 l. Wine Sherry prepares a good appetite stimulant. This places the mixture in a bottle, cap and have been macerated for nine days, trying to stir the mixture daily. Should have a drink before meals.

Bake: Antiartrítico and diuretic. Get 60 g. bark of the roots of capers in a liter of water, boil for half an hour, filtered and cool. The maximum dose is two tablespoons a day.

While these preparations are simple to make, the best way to enjoy the capers is using it as a seasoning in sauces, salads and other dishes, which gives a fine and exquisite taste.

Diuretic. Appetizer. Depurative.

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