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In many European countries, the pineapple is the paradigm of fruit in from the New World. Hence its various names to join the adjective 'American' or 'Indian'.

Habitat: Originally from Central America, cultivated in all tropical regions of the world.

Description: herbaceous plant of the family of Bromeliaceae, which reaches about 50 cm tall. The leaves are long and thorny, on whose center born flowers, bluish in color. The fruit is common to all of a flower spike.

Part used: fruit.

Properties and indications: Its active ingredient is the Bromelin, an enzyme (leaven) which, like pepsin in the stomach, is capable of severing protein, accelerating their digestion. As such acts as a substitute for gastric juice, when it is secreted in small quantities (hypochlorhydria, lack of juice, chronic gastritis) accelerating the passage of food through the stomach and improving digestion. You can even manage to infants who suffer from digestive disorders.

Pineapple juice also has properties béquicas (calm coughs) and expectorants, possibly due to the sugars and organic acids it contains. It is also gentle diuretic and worming. It is used in slimming diets as an appetite reducer (anorectic action)

Use: take 1 or 2 slices of pineapple before each meal, or a glass of fresh juice fifteen minutes before you start eating. It is useful to know that the canned pineapple loses much of its digestive properties, because the enzyme Bromelin be easily distorted.

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