angelica sylvestr/s

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angelica sylvestr/s
Family: Umbelíferas.

Description Of Greek Anghel, angel, for their medicinal properties. Herbaceous plant up to 3 m. Height equipped with a large root axonomorfa blackish color. The stem is erect and fistulous, very striated, with various ramifications, slightly purplish and covered with a whitish hairiness. The leaves are inferior or bi tripinnadas; the other, and often ACORAZONADO oval, toothed. The basal, like the above, are envainantes. The flowers, colored green, pentapétalas with five stamens, meet in terminal umbels. The fruit is crushed seeds with ovoidal. Very common in wet meadows, but the copies should be preferred located in dry soils, since they contain a greater wealth of active ingredients. The gathering takes place in September.

Used parts: The root and seed.

Chemical compounds: Essence, Angelic acid, resin, tannin, pectin. In essence have been identified: phellandrene, furfurol, methyl and ethyl alcohol. The leaves give a ratio of 1%. The density varies between 0. 80 and 0. 90, is soluble in three volumes of alcohol to 90.

Properties: aromatic, carminativa, emenagogo, antiespástica.

How to use: Essential oil, tincture, infusion.

Note: The young leaves are used as flavoring in salads, and seeds into pastry. Join our water spirit balm. At high doses depresses the central nervous system.

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