apio caballar  smyrnium olusatrum

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apio caballar  smyrnium olusatrum
Celery horses lived two years during the first born of the strain the leaves and fruiting in the second year and then dried. This plant can reach 30 to 50 cm in height, the stem grows very upright and gave the appearance of being very strong but is hollow inside. Appears completely covered with leaves quite large, oval - shaped and lack of hair in both the beam and at the underside. Celery horses can be found in southern Spain and throughout the coastal area from the rest of the peninsula; breeding places are not very sunny and humid, close to the people.

The flowering season starts in March and lasts throughout the spring. The flowers are small and yellowish, and its interior is the fruit starts to mature in June, this fruit is rounded and its size does not exceed 5 mm, making it difficult to assess at first glance. Part of this plant that is collected is the root and preferably in the fall. This plant is not used at present and will be replaced with ones that have the same properties and are much more effective.

Formerly was consumed as if it were a more vegetables and served at every table as raw as cooked.

He was attached properties as a diuretic and antiscorbutic and was also used to open the appetite of people with little habit of eating; sometimes took the juice of the root cause for menstruation of women. Today virtually the plant is not grown anywhere and that we are wild plants.

Bake: Place a warm 30 degrees. of the root in half a liter of water for twenty minutes and is eaten as a vegetable. Formerly, to eat this plant, got a multitude of dishes.

Natural: It was cutting the root and is added to the salad as it also can be eaten raw.

Juice: the root is ground up and with the liquid obtained is a preparation with honey and wine. It is used to provoke menstruation.

Diuretic. Appetizer. Antiscorbutic.

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