Arañuel (Culantrillo WELL)

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Arañuel (Culantrillo WELL)
The arañuela is a plant that is renewed every year and it can measure two spans of height in the best case. It can be simple or branched. It has few hairs and even on occasion is hairless. Its leaves are divided into segments rather narrow and short, in the form of a spear or linear. The arañuela reared in places that have not been cultivated, mainly in ribazos and rocky terrain.

The arañuela blooms in the spring months. The flowers have five sepals that can be colored green, blue or white petals are divided into two lower lips and, in turn, consists of two parts. These flowers are surrounded by leaves, which, like the leaves of the main plant, was disguised fall segmentadas. El fruit appears divided into five parts, is quite bloated and is very smooth and globulosa. Arañuela the only seeds are harvested. Normally, this gathering takes place in summer.

The plant contains an alkaloid known as damascenina fluid. Specifically found in the seeds and a sum of around 0. 7%. It also contains an aromatic essence of blue; the essence of the plant has (like seeds) damascenina, but much higher, since it represents 9% of its membership. Historically it was attributed to the arañuela many virtues, among them those below stories. Has been used to alleviate headaches. It was also used, mixed with vinegar, to boot freckles and hardness of the body. He also used a prepared with vinegar and tea to reduce the pain of teeth. A very curious that he was attached to the arañuela was to heal cataracts in its initial stage, introducing the plant - mixed with various ointments, for the nostrils. It also was the good diuretic and even thought it was able to induce menstruation in women. The arañuela is a plant that was used previously but has now fallen into disuse, since it is highly advisable to use it in medicine home and much less abuse it.

Bake: Mix 30g. arañuela of tea and vinegar and cook later. Cool and slip the remains of the plant. Previously this preparation was used to mitigate the pain of teeth.

Exciting. Toxic. Stimulating.

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