asphodelus ramosus

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asphodelus ramosus
Family: Liliaceae.

Description: herbaceous plant with tuberous roots thick, simple and escaped ensiformes basal leaves, fleshy, glabrous. The flowers are arranged in clusters, with stems emerging from a bract. Six tépalos nerviaciones with white and reddish. The fruit is an oval, tripartism, with black seeds. Common in meadows and fields near the coast. The escape can reach one meter in height. The gathering takes place in September.

Used parts: The tubers.

Chemical compounds: Asfodelina, resin, asphodel, mucilage, sucrose,

Properties: detergent, vulnerable, antidermatosis, emollient.

How to use: Decoction, dyeing, pulp.

Note The tubers were consumed once, but given the presence of asfodelina were taking and also discourages its use for domestic nephritis patients and gastritis. From the tubers, and after fermentation, alcohol can be obtained. The use of asphodel is almost always external, in cosmetics, on the erythema and as aciarante of Ephelides. It was also used as béquico because of the high content of mucilages.

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