antirrhinum majus

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antirrhinum majus
Escrofulariáceas family.

Description: Perennial plant root axonomorfa, branched, pubescent and lignified stem at the base. The leaves have a petiole are very small or even sessile. His insertion into the stem is variable, as they can so arranged verticilada or alternates. The film is slightly tomentosa and limbo, lanceolado. The flowers are arranged in bunches, the Corolla is bilabiada, white or red; the cup is pentalaciniado. The result is an ellipsoidal capsule carrying crested oval seeds. The plant can reach measuring 50 cm. tall. Very common in cultivation by the beauty of its flowers. Is harvested in summer.

Used parts: flowers and leaves.

Chemical compounds: mucilage, gallic acid, resins, pectin, rinantina, bitter.

Antiphlogistic properties: resolvent.

How to use: Infusion, poultice.

Note: Effective in all kinds of inflammations, is also used for hemorrhoids, which develops a decongestant action similar to that of the linaria. Has also been used in gargarismos against ulceration of the oral cavity, and internally in the colitis and heartburn. Externally applied as a poultice on erythema,

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