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cola nitida
The oldest known African cultures and chew cola nut (the fruit of the tail) to stimulate the muscles and nervous system, to overcome the exhaustion. The queue in Africa plays a papal similar to that of coca in the Andes.

Called the "glue" a whole series of trees of the genus Cola whose seeds, called cola nut, is used by the pharmaceutical industry and, since not too many years ago, for the food, for the manufacture of soft drinks. It is odd to think that both ancient Greece and the Arab peoples, those geographically close to the African regions where it grows the queue, they pass unnoticed by a tree with medicinal properties overtime. In Europe it was known in the sixteenth century, but only at the end of the nineteenth began to harness his qualities.

FEATURES: Tree of 15 to 20 m in height, similar to brown. It does not produce fruit until age 15, and only from 50 starts its maximum productivity (about 9 pounds of nuts per year) The fruit contains seeds, large (about 4 cm. Long by 2 wide) each consisting of two or four grains that are fleshy, in fact, cola nuts.

Location: Lives alone in tropical Africa, in the western regions. The trees in the queue are very demanding in terms of climate concerns, because they need warm and humid, but the rains alternating with droughts. Require a deep soil, clay and rich in humus. The species most used for the harvesting of walnuts is Cola nitida, with many varieties. Another of the most exploited by man is C. acuminata.

ACTIVE: The grains of glue are appreciated by their content of caffeine and theobromine, however, should not neglect its contents in tannins, proteins and minerals.

Medicinal properties: The tail stimulates the nervous system, increases blood pressure, stroke is exciting (consolation aid in cases of excessive intellectual work) There is also a diuretic.

COLLECTION: The fruits are collected before they ripen completely and open up a one to remove the seeds. The process of transportation to their destination is quite complicated, because the seeds must be kept cool and moist. Anyway, it was also transported after being dried, which requires installing an industrial plant near the plantation.

USES AND APPLICATIONS: The production of tail is absorbed in large part by the pharmaceutical industry. At home you can prepare 'wine tail "in maintaining maceration, in a liter of strong red wine, 50 grams of cola nut for nine days at least. Filter and take two or three tablespoons a day as treatment.

or an occasional cup to use as a stimulant tonic. Cola nuts, have a high content of caffeine and theobromine, in addition to tannins, proteins and minerals. One of the most common uses of the queue is in the food industry, for the preparation of soft drinks. Mitigates the physical and intellectual fatigue because of its stimulative power of the muscles and nervous system.

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