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It is a perfect computer of all the knowledge, sensations, feelings, conducts and movements of the body, it consumes a fifth part of our energy in spite of being loaded of her and it does not feel pain.

It is formed by million nervous cells with trillions of connection points that form a most complicated communication network between each part of the body and the outer world.

It contains different types from the cells that give to origin to all the movements and corporal sensations, most important are the neurons, because they are those that allow us to make the functions that distinguish to us like human beings: the reason, the thought, the memory, the speech, the conscience, the cognitiva activity and many more.

Other called cells Glia exist, that protect them against the cerebral infections, toxins and traumas. These cells form a sanguineous barrier between the blood vessels that they irrigate to the brain and the matters of which it is formed.

When the provision of blood to the brain is interrupted suddenly the cells die immediately and as they do not regenerate the damage is irreversible, causing in serious cases the death or damaging a part of the brain with consequences in diverse motor, sensitive or mental functions, to these events it is called accidents to them cerebrovasculares.

Some of the symptoms appear of sudden form and at the same time and can be confused with I navigate or a headache, reason why always it is necessary to take care of the signals of any problem and to consult the doctor to detect the origin and to suitably take care of the disease that causes them.

The symptoms most characteristic of an accident to cerebrovascular are:

sudden Headache and very hard.

Entumecimiento of a part of the body.

sudden Weakness.

Confusion that takes to have understanding or speech problems.

Problems in the vision, one or both eyes.

Difficulty when walking with loss of balance or coordination.


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