cornus mas

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cornus mas
Family: Cornáceas.

Description: In Cornus, horn, for the hardness of the wood. Shrub measuring up to 5 m tall, green bark, branches, with elliptical leaves, opposite, simple, acuminate, bright, slightly pubescent. The flowers appear before the leaves and are grouped in terminal umbels. Calyx and corolla have tridentate tetrapétala yellow. The fruit is a fleshy drupe so ovoidal, bone - hard, pale green and red with that is maturing. It grows spontaneously in the forests of Europe, with preference on calcareous soils. Is collected from spring to summer.

Used parts: The bark and fruits.

Chemical compounds: Corvina, tannin, calcium malate, tannic acid, glucoside, malic acid, mucilages, substance colorant.

Properties: febrífugo, astringent, nutritive.

How to use: Decoction, juice, syrup, preserves.

Note: The drupa are preserved in brine and eaten like olives. They serve to prepare gelatine in confectionery. The wood, valued at turnery, is heavier than water. Beginning at drupa was preparing Aguaviva malate and sodium, used as cooking salt. The seeds also provide edible oil, though in small quantity. The bark is a substance derived dye for wool. The leaves have had some employment in the leather industry, given its high tannin content.

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