quassia amara

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quassia amara
Other Names:

Stick Quassia.

Quasi was the name of a native of Guyana, slave, who in 1756 revealed his secret to cure fevers to a Dutch officer who had sheltered. This was the quasi - love, a tree of Guiana.

HABITAT: grows spontaneously and cultivated in the West Indies, Guyana, Surinam and tropical regions of Central America.

Description: shrub or tree of the family of Simarubáceas, with large red flowers and arranged in clusters terminals.

Used parts: the bark of the trunk and the root.

Properties and indications: contains resin, mucilage, pectin, tannins and the alkaloid Quassin, very bitter taste, which is the most important asset, and that should be their property and their indications as:

Tonic stomach, digestive and appetizer. Increases the secretion of gastric juice and favors the functioning of the gallbladder (colagoga action) Gives very good results in case of dyspepsia (slow digestion or difficult)

Febrífugo: very useful as a symptomatic treatment of tropical fevers.

Vermifuge: in the form of an enema (Enema) get pinworms eliminate parasites that are often located in the rectum and anus, where he usually does not get the effect of medicines taken orally.

Use: decoction or maceration of 5 to 10 grams. bark and / or wood per liter of water, which takes a cup before each meal.

For external use enemas being undertaken with the same decoction as for internal use, apply once a day, like worming.

Precautions: High doses produce vomiting is recommended to prevent their use in case of gastroduodenal ulcer, and for women, during the rule (causes uterine cramps)

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