digitalis lutea

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digitalis lutea
Family: Escrofulariáceas.

Description: herbaceous plant with root fusiform, evergreen, single stem or very little graft, hairless, toothed leaves, almost sessile, semienvainantes, ovaladolanceoladas. The flowers are grouped in clusters of very tight time frame, with yellow Corolla fitted with numerous lobes. Plant common in forests and grasslands forest, maquis, siliceous soils. Often exceeds the meter in height. The gathering takes place in summer.

Used parts: The leaves for the second year.

Chemical compounds: A - acetildigitoxina, acetildigitoxina, lanata A and B, acids, salts.

Properties: cardiac.

How to use: Powders, infusion, liquid extract, tincture.

Note: It is less dangerous than the digital, as it does not determine phenomena of accumulation, and yet is a drug that should not be used with impunity in family medicine, but always under strict medical supervision. It is a poisonous plant. Their use sets a very pronounced diuresis because of digitoxin. It is incompatible with the machine, tannin and iodine.

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