sunda regalis

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sunda regalis
Family: Osmundáceas.

Description: Fern large. The rhizomes are available in an oblique position on the floor, and from the same place the fronds, which can reach two meters in height. They have triangular shape with apex ended tip pinkish - brown color, and are carriers of the sporangia, which open in two flaps, encouraging the reproduction with the release of spores. The remaining green leaves are on a long petiole and robust, and are formed by sessile leaflets prepared two to two, almost opposite. It grows on peat land, along the canals. Is collected in autumn.

Used parts: Rhizome.

Chemical compounds: Tannin, osmundina acid filícico, mucilages.

Properties: Diuretic, astringent, vulnerary.

Instructions for use powders, decoction, enolito, tincture.

Of interest: With the fronds are manufactured mattresses and pillows that develop anti - called action. Is often used as an ornamental plant from inside. Externally possesses any effectiveness in plasters on the wound or in areas attacked by rheumatism.

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