centaurea menor centaurium umbellatum

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centaurea menor centaurium umbellatum
Other Names:

Cornflower, Brush, Drop of Blood, Ice Land, Lapicocho, Sietesangrías.

HABITAT: grows in meadows and pastures of Europe, although not very frequent. It is also found in some temperate regions of America.

Description: herbaceous plant of the family of gencianáceas, 10 to 50 cms. tall. The leaves are elongated, forming a basal rosette those with pink flowers, terminals.

Part used: the flowering tops.

Properties and indications: used since ancient times to fight fever, but above all as an excellent stimulant of gastric secretion, with activity from the moment it enters the mouth. Active motility of.

stomach, it is purifying. It has a tonic on the blood vessels due to organic acids. We need a long - term treatment. Used on the lack of appetite, digestive sluggishness. heavy digestions, disorders of the gallbladder, flatulence, spasms, purified from blood and hypotensive. Healing, clean and cure the wounds, sores, eczema and ulcers of the skin.

Usage: infusion of 30 grams. of flowering tops per liter of water, a cup before each meal (if possible without sweetening) For external use can be applied compresses with a decoction of 50 grams. sumidades per liter of water, applying it on the affected skin.

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