senecio vulgaris

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senecio vulgaris
Family: Composed.

Description: From the Latin senex, old man, by the hair white Vilan. Herbaceous plant with root axonomorfa and many radículas. The stem is fragile and poorly branched. The leaves are alternate, the upper spatula and lobed segments with obtuse, sometimes jagged. The bottom also are elongated and spatula. The flowers are grouped in an inflorescence made up of heads hanging. The bracts are longer than the calyx and form a involucro inside which are arranged with the leaves yellow Corolla pentadentada. The fruit is a pubescent achene, whitish, almost cylindrical, with Vilan. Can exceed 30 cm. Often at the edges of roads, among the ruins and gardens. Is collected in May.

Used parts: The whole plant.

Chemical compounds: Senecionina, resin, syrup, glucose, potassium salts.

Recommended as Emenagogo, vasoconstrictora, cardiac sedative.

Forms of use: Infusion, dyeing, fluid extract, powder, syrup.

Of interest: In some places, this species is consumed in salads, but its use is discouraged by the presence of alkaloids. Pregnant women should not use it because it performs an action congestive of the uterus. Should not be taken into account when prescribing popular as a laxative and colagogo. The plant was used successfully in the form of an ointment for hemorrhoids, for his ability vasoconstrictora.

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