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English: Rockrose.

French: Hallier.

From the family of Cistaceae.

Soothing the nerves and antihistérica.

Used Part.

The leaves, the oleoresin (Ladan)

Active Principles.

Oleoresin or essence of Ladan: ladaniol; esters, Sesquiterpenes.

Drug Action.

Popularly used as a sedative, antigastrálgico and topical use as a lever.


Anxiety, insomnia, gastritis, gastric ulcers. In external use: Inflammation osteo, myalgia, muscle contractures, neuralgia.

Side Effects.

The oleoresin is neurotoxic, hepatotoxic and nefrotoxic therefore not recommended for oral administration.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Topical use:

Infusion of 5%.

Fluid extract (1: 1) diluted to 10%.

Poultice of crushed plant.

Oleoresin to 5%.


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