arctium majus

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arctium majus
Family Compound.

Description: In arktos, Greek name of the plant. Biennial plant that produces, the first year, only basal leaves. Axonomorfa presents root, branched, brown, which follows a particular odor. The stem, which can reach 2 m in height and 2 - 3 cm. thick branches and leaves carries smaller than the baseline. The leaves are oval or ACORAZONADO, very large (the base can reach 50 cm. Long and 40 wide) white, tomentosa on the lower side. Globose The chapters are arranged in clusters, scaly finished in a sort of hook, except the inmates. The flowers are purple. The achenes are crushed, colored brown. The Vilan presents a series of rough silks. He prefers places uneducated and limestone. Numerous varieties are known. It is abundant in Europe, America and Asia. Is collected in summer and are dried rapidly.

Used parts: The root and leaves.

Chemical compounds: Inulin, lapolina, essential oil, bitter principle, sugar, antibiotic compounds of calcium and magnesium.

Properties: Dermopática, diaphoretic, hipoglucemizante (root) Vulnerable, dermopática (leaves)

How to use: Decoction, dust, juice, poultice, ointment.

Note: The roots youth, for the first year, are consumed in some regions once boiled and also the petioles of the fleshy basal leaves. Recognizing the plant vigorous action against baldness using the juice in local friction.

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