laurel laurus nobilis

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laurel laurus nobilis
Other Names:

Lauredo, Loredo, Loreto.

In classical Rome laurel was devoted to the god Apollo, patron of the triumphs of the fine arts and medicine, and the epitome of masculine beauty. The Roman emperors, athletes and warriors victors were crowned with a wreath of laurel, which was supposed to protect from the rays and other evil forces.

Habitat: originating from Mediterranean countries. One grows in regions close to the coastline, temperate climate. Cultivated and naturalized in the Americas.

Description: evergreen tree, the family of the Lauraceae, which can.

measuring 2 to 8 meters in height. The leaves are lanceolate, coriaceous, bright beam and the mates on the underside. The flowers are small, white or yellowish. Its fruits are a drupe - like olives, which produce only female complacent.

Used parts: the leaves and fruit.

Properties and indications: the effects of medicinal laurel is his sciatica, sprains of ankles, etc. las laurel leaves are rich in essential oil volatile oil compound in 45% of cineol; also contain tannin and a bitter principle. The fruits contain a further 25% fat made up of lauric acid, oleic, linoleic and palmitic. The active ingredient responsible for the medicinal effects of the bay is its essential oil. These are the properties of the bay:

Appetizer, eupéptico (facilitates digestion) and Carmine (removes gases from the digestive duct) It is therefore to inapetentes and those who suffer from difficult or heavy digestions.

Mildly diuretic.

Very effective anti - inflammatory and anti applied externally. It is oil or balm anti laurel that is prepared with its leaves is used to ease frictions in the torticollis, Back pain, sciatica, sprains of ankles and other musculoskeletal pain (of bones and muscles)

Use: in infusion made with a liter of water and 20 to 30 grams. of bay leaves, which can add a handful of ripe fruits for more effect. As an aperitif takes a cup 10 minutes before each meal, and as a digestive, a cup after each meal.

The oil is used externally laurel prepares leaving macerate for 10 days in the sun 30 g of bay leaves in a liter of olive oil, lotion is applied on the painful part, also serves to drive away insect pests. It can also be used as a balm to prepare anti - pounding in a mortar a handful of ripe berries bay; are covered with water to boil for about 10 minutes, then express is a canvas, leaving the liquid cool, and collected the layer of fat that floats, and this fat or lard laurel applies friction on the affected area: it is not fit to be eaten.

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