cydonia oblonga

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cydonia oblonga
Used Part.

The fruits.

Active Principles.

Tannins (especially abundant in the seeds: 20%) pectin, vitamins A and B.

Drug Action.

Demulcent, protector of the mucous membranes, antidiarrheal.


Gastritis, gastric ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, diarrhea, colds, sore throat, bronchitis. Used popularly, through outsourcing, in cases of anal fissures, cracks of the breasts, frostbites, hemorrhoids and scalds.

Galenica forms / Dosage.

Emulsion mucilaginosa of the seeds.

Fluid extract (1: 1) 40 - 60 drops three times daily.

Tincture (1: 10) 60 - 100 drops, three times a day.

Topic: fluid extract, tincture or extract hidroglicólico (in the form of creams or gels) or deccoción of fruits.

Use a food: compote, jelly or fruit syrup.


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