mespilus germanica

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mespilus germanica
Rosaceae family.

Description: Small tree, from 3 to 9 meters in height, with crooked trunk, branches and thorny tomentosa, a dark color. The leaves are large, lanceolate, finishing with the tip. The margin is entirely in the first half of the road and then becomes jagged. The film is smooth and opaque superiors. The bottom is pubescent by the presence of small hairs. The flowers are white, solitary, subsessile at the apex of the sticks, surrounded by large leaves. The chalice is pentasépalo and Corolla, pentapétala white, with numerous stamens dark. The fruit or, more accurately, the false fruit (the receptacle and the cup are developed and become persistent enclosing the real fruit) contains five rust - colored seeds, and in the limb leads the extension of the five sepals as reed. It grows in forests in general and between the hedges. This also grown. Is collected in May and in autumn.

Used parts: leaves, fruits, seeds.

Chemical compounds: Tannin, citric acid, malic, peptic substances, sugars, vitamins.

Directions: Laxative (pulp) astringent (leaves) litóntricas (seeds)

How to use: Electuario, decoction, maceration.

Details: The fruit is edible only after ripening. Can be preserved even for a short time. By maceration, after distillation, you get alcohol. The bark was used as a substitute for quinine with uncertain results. The use of the seed powders, as litóntrico, you must be careful because the hydrocyanic acid content.

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